Peroxisomes are small, single membrane-bound organelles found in all eukaryotic cells and are similar to lysosomes in size and morphology. Peroxisomes contain a variety of enzymes that use molecular oxygen to perform oxidation reactions. Peroxisomal enzymes participate in the oxidation of ethanol, long-chain fatty acids, branched-chain fatty acids, D-amino acids, and polyamines. Hydrogen peroxide, a product of the oxidative enzymatic reaction, is subsequently converted to water and oxygen by catalase, an abundant peroxisomal enzyme.

Peroxisomes also participate in the biosynthesis of ether phospholipids known as plasmalogens that are necessary for the myelination of neurons. BioVision’s OrgFrontier Peroxisome Isolation Kit provides a proprietary set of reagents and buffers designed to allow the extraction and isolation of intact peroxisomes from mammalian tissues and cultured cells. The protocol requires an ultracentrifugation step and can be completed in one day.

The BioVision OrgFrontier Viable/Non-Viable Cell Separation Kit is designed to separate viable (live) from non-viable (dead) cells in cultured cell preparations. This kit can be used to remove dead or damaged cells that can result from scraping, chemical treatment, or other procedures that damage healthy cells. The protocol can be performed and completed in one hour.

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